Reticulate fabric in graptolites

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Piotr Mierzejewski, The Count of Calmont & Countess Maja Anna Korwin-Kossakowska
Urbanek and Mierzejewski (1984) defined the reticulate
as follows:

"(i) the presence of wavy, branching or anastomosing
fibrous material of varying thickness, including gross fibres,
(ii) the reticular arrangement of fibrils and fibres to
produce an irregular meshwork, (iii) the absence of clearly
defined sheets separating indivicual layers and indistinct
layering in general, and (iv) the presence of thick, electron
dense intercalations separating entire groups of layers."

"The nature of 'reticulate fabric' remains obscure. Its
features listed above may be primary (being another
exampled of the ramarkablepolymorphism of collagen) or
secondary. In this latter case the unique features of the
'reticulate fabric' are merely a product of preservational


Urbanek, A. and Mierzejewski, P. 1986. A possible new
pattern of cortical deposit in Tremadoc dendroid
graptolites from chert nodules. - Geological Society Special
No. 20, 13-19.
Reticulate fabric in Dendrograptus sp. from
the upper Tremadoc of Wysoczki, Poland.