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Class: Scyphozoa, Subclass: Scyphomedusae, Order: ?Coronata, Incertae familiae
Genus Byronia Matthew, 1899
Type species: Byronia annulata Matthew, 1899
Diagnosis of the genus Byronia Matthew
by Mierzejewski (1986, p. 145):

----"Scyphothecae long, circular to suboval in cross-section,
gradually widening in distal direction. Scyphorhiza in the
form of basal disc; colonial forms also with stolons. Periderm
organic, sculptured with transversal rings, longitudinal
striated or smooth. Solitary and encrusting forms."
According to Mierzejewski (1986), the generic name Byronia
Matthew, 1899 should be treated as a name for informal
collective group for all the fossil solitary species of
scyphoplyps as well as those forming encrusting colonies.

----Similarly, in zoological practice, the name Stephanoscyphus
is used for both colonial and individual forms. Naumov (1961)
was of the opinion that the species at present described
under the name
Stephanoscyphus will undoubtedly be
allocated to a few separate families in the future.

----Mierzejewski supposed that each of the species of Byronia
there is no way of verifying that assumpion. In turn,
dendroidal forms such as
dithecoid graptolites (Dithecoidea)  
should be allocated in the genus
Archaeolafoea  Chapman, and
also treated as a informal collective group.
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  Byronia annulata Matthew, 1889
Holotype, Upper Cambrian, Mount Stephen (British Columbia).


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